Understanding your social traffic


According to a survey done by realtime-analytics company chartbeat:

1. About 26% of traffic comes from social sources — Facebook, Twitter, and email, for example — making social the second most significant source of traffic, next to direct. Not search anymore!

2. An average of 25% of traffic is on mobile, but over 40% of social traffic is mobile (no native Apps)

3. 31% of a site’s traffic comes from new visitors, an average of 41% of social visitors are new

4. 80% of visitors who come to your site from a social source will only come to your site via that source

The bottom line: not having a mobile optimized website means you make it hard for 4 out of 10 users to read, register, login, interact, enjoy your product.

More insights on Chartbeat.

“The digital world is shifting from one that is page-ranked (Google) to people-ranked (Facebook)”

Speaking of search versus social traffic: Media startups like ViralNova and Distractify don’t care how you find them. They don’t care how long you stay on their websites, if you type in their URLs directly, or if you even know their websites’ names. They aren’t trying to build brands. They’re trying to earn traffic from social media referrals. More on Business Insider.